Egas Moniz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior CRL  
Campus Universitário . Quinta da Granja - Monte da Caparica
November 27 and 28, 2015

Poster Session

Posters have a maximum size of A0 (approx. 85 X 115 cm)

Poster Authors must be present in the poster area to discuss their posters during break times.

Please place your poster Friday 27 before the Poster session at 17:30

Remove your Poster Saturday by the end of the Congress

Author Title
P01 Monge Calleja A.M. Rebuilding Death In Childhood: Microscopy As a Diagnostic Tool of Porosity In 19th- 20th Century Archaeological Remains
P02 Iris Almeida The Forensic Psychology Role: Victim’s Information and Attendance Office (GIAV/DIAP Lisbon)
P03 Teresa Argente Leal Analysis of Questioned Documents on Egas Moniz Forensic and Psychological Sciences Laboratory
P04 Joana Faias Relationship between Violence in Dating Relationships and Violence in The Family Context
P05 Laura Van Huylenbroeck Synthetic cannabinoids purification from spice, K2 and research chemicals
P06 Silvana Larouco Gomes Analysis of the Relationship Between Perception and Habits of Lying of Young Adults, the Structure of Personality and Socioeconomic Context
P07 Margarida Simões Application of the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale to patients of Egas Moniz University Clinic
P08 Aida Abreu Serra Learn to communicate through the touch: Experiences of Nursing Students in
Clinical Practice
P09 Costa, F.A. A snapshot of the quality of therapy in nursing homes
P10 Luísa Bandeira Lopes Anterior oral rehabilitation during craniofacial growth period
P11 Irene Ventura Trauma anterior teeth: esthetics restorations in Odontopediatric and follow-up
P13 Ana Cordeiro ETPS therapy effectiveness versus Oral Splint: Pilot Study
P14 Ana Marta Toureiro Are there Relation between Crossbite and/or an Open bite, Static Postural Behaviour, and occurrence of Non-Traumatic Injuries in young athletes?
P15 Ana Sofia Saman Prevalence of signs and symptoms of TMD in college students before, during and after the exam period.
P16 Diana Isabel Silva Evaluation of the erosive potential of three nacional consumed drinks, in human enamel – in vitro study
P17 Jorge Caldeira Synthesis and Biochemical testing of novel Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinases for Dental Restoration
P18 Filipe Rodrigues Effect of 6% H2O2 solution activated with UV-radiation on the mechanical and tribological properties of enamel
P19 Francisco Martins Casts of Sterilized/Disinfected Impression, Long Term Evaluation
P20 Mafalda Pires Ascenso Study of the prevalence of halitosis and the pH variation with different mouthwashes, applied on 5th year students of the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz (ISCSEM)
P21 Natacha Reis Influence of intensive training on salivary flow, on salivary pH and on salivary lactate concentration: consequences for oral health
P22 Botelho J. The tooth as an in situ organic culture method of odontoblasts: histomorphological analysis
P23 Carla Correia Comparative study of relationship between bruxism and decrease telomeres length
P24 Marta Amorim Comparative study of microbial flora and the immune system of patients with implants screwed crowns versus cemented crowns
P25 Diana Pinto Bacteria impact on wear between the abutment and dental implant
P26 Guilhermina Moutinho Oral Candida colonization in diabetic individuals non-carriers of dental prosthesis
P27 Joana Carvalho Changes in oral-microflora of patients with prosthesis on hygiene protocol
P28 Raquel Lucas Oral bacterial microflora associated with total acrylic dentures: Implant supported vs mucus supported
P29 Catarina Viegas Oral fungus flora in diabetic patients using oral prosthesis
P30 Bruno Neto Oral Fungal Microflora Associated With Implant-Supported vs. Mucus-Supported Dentures
P31 Isabel Barahona Cytotoxic and Genotoxic effects of three cements used in fixed prosthesis
P32 Paulo Sobral Mascarenhas Meta-analysis and Cross-validation of a Hyperglycemic Status Predictor Model based on Salivary Glucose
P33 Vera Camões Salivary Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha and Childhood Obesity
P34 Luísa Bandeira Lopes Pyogenic Granuloma during pregnancy: a case report
P35 Cavacas MA “Histological revision of mucosa cheek” – Presentation of a poster by first year dental students in histology and embryology I.
P36 Ana Rita Luís Effects of three current provisional restoration materials on fibroblast viability
P37 C. Rozani Bonding of Fiber Posts with Different Cements .
P38 João Filipe Viana Dimensional stability of an addition silicone after disinfection/sterilization
P39 Madalena Almeida Colloidal processing of new alumina/nano-zirconia composites for dental applications
P40 Ana Topete Effect of sterilization on chlorhexidine loaded soft contact lenses
P41 Andreia Oliveira Sterilization of ophthalmic drugs and intraocular lenses
P42 Andreia Pimenta Moxifloxacin release from intraocular lenses: an approach to the eye hydrodynamic conditions
P43 Diana Silva Alginate-Chitosan coatings to control drug release from silicon based contact lenses materials
P44 Diogo Aguilar Silva Influence of the surface energy on the nanotribological behaviour of EVA foams for orthosis
P45 Morsoleto, M.J.M.S. Biostimulatory effects of low-level laser therapy on osteoblast cells
P46 Morsoleto, M.J.M.S. Characterization of ultrastructural modifications in NIH 3T3 rat fibroblast cell cultures exposed to laser, CaCl2 and Vitamin D3
P47 Anjos Macedo Electron Microscopy Contribution to the Study of Vascular Calcification Process: Monitoring Extracellular Vesicles Biogenesis and Mineralization
P48 Mayra Grano Ultraestructual muscular features of ectoparasites (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) in fish
P49 Zilda Morais Towards a healthy and safe jellyfish snack. Preliminary assay with allergic patients
P50 Zilda Morais In vitro hemolytic studies of toxins from jellyfish Catostylus tagi
P51 Liliana Serrano Influence of Catostylus tagi on peroxide values of monovarietal Portuguese virgin olive oils in ten months storage
P52 Carolina Madeira Linking temperature disturbances to stress biomarker levels in ocellaris clownfish: an experimental approach to a warming tropical environment
P53 Mário Diniz The potential effects of global warming on Sparus aurata larvae sensitivity: clues from oxidative stress responses and histopathology
P54 Mário Diniz Response of oxidative stress enzymes and HSP70 in Sea bream juveniles: effects of exposure to temperature increase and different pH
P55 Tânia Fernandes HPLC determination of theophylline and paracetamol in fresh and powdered milk
P56 Joana Franco Rs266882 Polymorphism Analysis in KLK3 gene by RFLP-PCR in Cases of Prostate Cancer.
P57 Joana Sousa Understanding the response of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774 to different electron acceptors - a proteomic approach
P58 Ana Fernandes CYP3A5 genetic polymorphism in HIV-patients
P59 Tomaz, R Searching Relevant Polymorphisms of CYP2B6 in HIV Infected Patients
P60 Inês Martins The effect of Assistive Devices on gait patternsin Parkinson's Disease: preliminary results
P61 Catarina Godinho Falls prevention among nursing home inpatient´s with neurodegenerative disorders
P62 Fernanda Marques Microscopic Analysis of the Antitumor Effects of Ruthenium Complexes in a Prostate Cancer Model
P63 Gabriela Almeida Disposable Probe for Nitrite Point-of-Care in Clinical Analysis
P64 Rui Martins Survival Analysis with Internal Covariates Modelled using a Longitudinal Dispersion Model and Flexible Links
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